Chapas is the collective term used by the people of Mozambique for privately operated vans and minibuses.   These are the primary means of transport in the country.chapas_maputoOur project was born with the purpose of making a Chapas Map of Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, aiming to offer solutions to develop transport in a more sustainable and equitable manner.

One of the most important locations where the future of mobility is being studied is in the emerging cities and environments where most of the world’s population lives. This raises fundamental questions such as :

  • Should there be informal transport in these growing cities?

  • Will these cities manage the increasing influx of cars?

  • Are the experiences of Western cities and modern trends of mobility useful references?

Greater Maputo is not a massive metropolitan area. Its geographical size, the population and the number of cars are all low and the growth stage is embryonic. The old Portuguese city is built on traditional lines.

All of these factors could be favourable conditions for the city to develop in a sustainable and fair way.  If this succeeds, it could become a model for many urban centres in developing countries.

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